St. Catharines has fifth highest month-to-month rent jump in Canada


Published June 15, 2022 at 12:55 pm

While St. Catharines has maintained its position as the 25th highest rental rates in Canada out of 35 major cities, its average month-to-month rent jump for one-bedroom apartments from April to May was the fifth highest in the country.

The one month jump in St. Catharines was 6.5 per cent, beaten only by Burnaby, BC (6.9 per cent), Guelph (7.1 per cent), Kitchener (8.1 per cent) and Fort McMurray (6.7 per cent). The average one bedroom in the Garden City went for $1,451/month.

However, the year-to-year jump (May 2021 vs May 2022) for one bedroom apartment was only 7.2 per cent, one of the lower hikes in the country.

Two bedroom apartments in St. Catharines fared a little better. While the average rent was $1,899/month, that was only a 3.4 per cent jump from April.

Over the course of the year, however, two-bedroom units in St. Catharines saw a 12.2 per cent jump.

As always, Vancouver and Toronto were the highest of the list with one-bedrooms averaging $2,377/month and $2,133/month respectively.

They were also the only two Canadian cities where two-bedrooms topped the $3,000 mark. Vancouver’s average two bedroom went for a whopping $3,495/month while Toronto’s rate was $3,002/month.

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