Specialty coffees from around the world at this Square One café in Mississauga

Published February 1, 2022 at 3:28 pm

For coffee lovers of all kinds, there’s a tasty brew waiting for you at Hale Coffee in Mississauga.

The popular café, located at The Food District in Square One, doesn’t just serve high quality coffee – they’re truly passionate about it, to the point of even educating their staff and customers all about coffee and what goes into making the perfect cup.

Their original flagship location in west Toronto is known for its thriving art and design community, and they’re ready to foster an equally tight-knit community at their Square One location.

Here are five big things that set Hale Coffee apart from other cafés:

  1. Some of the best hand-crafted coffee you can get in Mississauga.

Hale Coffee’s main goal as an indie café is to bring complete transparency to the coffee supply chain. That means establishing a direct relationship with coffee farmers and producers to ensure only the highest quality coffee is sourced and delivered. Their overall focus is on specialty coffee and high quality coffee beans.

  1. Hale Coffee was founded by coffee lovers for coffee lovers.

The story of Hale Coffee’s origins is one of hard work and passion. The original Toronto location was started by Ramzi Yanis and Khaldoun Toukan, two friends and roommates who wanted to share their deep love of coffee with the world. It all started with the impulse purchase of a brand-new coffee roasting machine, which led to a make it or break it moment for the new company – coming home to a big roaster taking up half of their kitchen, Yanis and Toukan needed to figure out a ventilation system and get the ball rolling on their new coffee set-up.

Since those humble beginnings, the pair has found themselves travelling the world, developing an expert palette, and establishing direct trade relationships with coffee farmers. Now, with a successful Toronto location under their belt and another growing success here in Mississauga, the company is still going strong and continuing to expand further.

  1. In addition to their popular menu selections, Hale Coffee also offers a wide selection of retail items.

If you love Hale Coffee’s menu and wish you could take the whole café home with you, then here’s some good news – you can! (Well, maybe not the entire café.) Hale Coffee’s retail section offers a nice selection of freshly roasted coffee beans and more, including the popular Hale Espresso Blend, El Portillo Organic Honduran Coffee, and the Hale Noir Dark Roast Blend. Customers can get what they want at an affordable price (two for $30 coffee bags) super conveniently through their online store, then have it delivered straight to them.

One or two bags not enough? Business owners and office managers looking for a bigger quantity of Hale Coffee are invited to reach out to Ramzi directly. He’s a coffee expert and most importantly, a stand-up guy. Offering comprehensive coffee consulting and wholesale programs to coffee drinkers across the GTA, Hale Coffee is not only in the business of high-quality caffeinated beverages, but also supporting other businesses, small and big, in their endeavours.

  1. The beautiful, relaxing café is a showpiece at Square One.

The atmosphere of this quaint, cozy café is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, whether you’re chatting with friends or getting some work done. And with the team-oriented culture that Hale Coffee emphasizes, every visit to the café feels like visiting family.

  1. Hale Coffee’s pre-pandemic monthly coffee cupping events.

Hale Coffee’s passion for education means that all of their workers go through intensive training and education. However, it doesn’t stop with just the employees. Before the pandemic, the café regularly invited residents to participate in their monthly coffee cupping events, which are accessible and fun hands-on workshops designed to help you learn more about the world of specialty coffee.

For those who aren’t familiar, “cupping” is the standardized specialty coffee tasting process that allows roasters to identify and develop nuanced palates. While the event is on hold due to the pandemic, the café hopes to be able to do it again soon.

There’s no better way to discover Hale Coffee’s delicious brews than to visit for yourself, or visit their website for more information.

For all the latest news and updates, follow Hale Coffee on Instagram and Facebook.

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