Something New Has Arrived on Uber


Though Uber has been under fire for some controversy - like the massive Uber hack of last year where some users’ personal information was revealed - it’s no secret that the major ridesharing platform has been releasing some cool new features over the past few months.

The ridesharing company recently launched Uber Beacon, a brand new system that's designed to help drivers and passengers find one another. Uber Beacon is essentially a device that lights up on an Uber driver's car and on a passenger's phone in the same colour, using colour-pairing technology via Bluetooth.

Now, something even newer has come to the platform, Uber announced in mid-September.

If you use Uber, you might have noticed a new option next to UberPool.

It’s called Express Pool, and it’s an even cheaper option to catch an Uber.

There are some stipulations to get the cheaper ride, though.

Each Express Pool ride starts and ends with a short walk. When you request a ride, you’ll have to wait at a pickup spot, possibly with other Pool riders.

Kind of like waiting for a bus, but you’ll be waiting for your Uber.

The driver will find and pick up other riders along the same path, and you’ll be shown where to wait for your driver on the Uber app.

Basically you might have to walk to a corner to avoid detours and make pick ups faster.

Once you reach your dropoff spot, you’ll have to walk a little ways to your destination.

You have to have the latest version of the Uber app to cash in on Express Pool, and just like UberPool, you may have to share the Uber with other riders.

Express Pool is now the cheapest option on Uber.

If you’re willing to walk a bit and share your ride.

Have you tried Express Pool?

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