Someone lost a dock and it ended up on the shore of a Mississauga river


Published April 12, 2023 at 3:00 pm

dock lost mississauga
A dock washed up in Mississauga this week. Photos courtesy of Heather MacDonald

A dock appears to have broken loose and ended up along the shoreline of the Credit River in Mississauga.

The dock, with two bright red chairs that appear to be nailed down, was spotted near the Lakeshore Road bridge on the Credit River in Port Credit yesterday (April 12).

People in two community Facebook groups have put out calls for the owner to hopefully come by and pick up their missing dock.

Someone had tied the dock down to prevent it from going out into Lake Ontario, according to a post in the Port Credit Friends Facebook group. And a passerby called 311 to alert the city.

It was still there on Wednesday morning, according to a post on the Port Credit Life Facebook group.

“Attention homeowners on the Credit River…when you stepped out for coffee on the dock this morning, was it gone?” wrote Heather MacDonald in a post.

MacDonald says she snapped the photos near the Lakeshore bridge.

lost dock mississauga

Although it is unclear exactly what happened, people speculate the dock broke loose somewhere along the Credit River. The river level is high and fast-moving with recent rainfalls. And strong winds could have also helped dislodge the dock.

One person spotted the dock floating by the rowing club around 2:30 p.m. yesterday (April 12).

And while many people hoped the dock could get back to its owners before it is washed away into the lake, others thought the dock could make a nice addition to the Port Credit waterfront.

“I approve of this genuinely fabulous happenstance… I hope the city can do more of these for us all to enjoy. On the water,” one person wrote.

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