Some unique baby names are making a comeback in Canada


Published February 29, 2024 at 10:44 am

Spring inspired baby names

Spring is right around the corner for most Canadians and it’s inspiring parents to choose some unique–and perhaps slightly unusual–names for their offspring.

According to a new study conducted on behalf of Preply (a language consultation service), new parents are choosing names for their babies that take direct inspiration from the season of growth, beauty and renewal. The study showed that upon review of information provided on behalf of Statistics Canada, spring-inspired baby names are making a substantial comeback. 

According to data collected in the report, the 20 baby names that are currently in vogue for both moms and dads-to-be are:

Trending Names in Canada  % of popularity over the last five years 
Flora +214.7%
Robin +214.3%
Wells +166.7%
Sunny +150%
Blossom +100%
Azalea +96.9%
Neo +94.4%
Juniper +74.4%
Meadow +72.9%
Maple +71.4%
Forest +56%
Sage +54.2%
Axel +53.3%
Dahlia +38.0%
May +36.8%
Daisy +36.4%
Oaklan +27.3%
Eden +23.2%
Willow +22.2%
Aries +12.5%

According to information collected by Preply, spring names often invoke sensations of charm and serenity, with additional associated feelings indicating a sense of immense progress and fresh starts. Additional data also indicates that spring-inspired baby names often operate directly with the season itself, with floral names and names inspired by nature sitting at the very top. 

When it comes to why understanding the right name for the right feeling is important when it comes to naming a newborn, Preply said it best in their report by stating,

Understanding the meaning of a name can actually help you fall in love with the right one. Hidden meanings, good or bad, can help narrow down the names you like and dislike.” 

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