Some concerned second hospital in Brampton won’t meet City’s demand for health-care services


Published November 9, 2021 at 1:17 pm


Many in Brampton are frustrated with the potential second hospital, that some feel will not adequately meet the City’s demands.

During the Speech from the Throne earlier this year, the Province announced it would finally be building a much-needed second hospital in Brampton.

According to the latest available data, as of 2020, the city of Brampton has a population of 713,463, yet residents only have access to one full hospital—Brampton Civic Hospital.

As a result, based on current provincial guidelines, Brampton residents are getting roughly half the provincial average of hospital care for patients.

During a presentation on November 3, representatives from the William Osler Health System provided their proposal for the second hospital, but it only included 250 beds.

While it does suggest there will be room for expansion, 250 beds to start is significantly less than the 850 the City requested last year.

Additionally, considering construction isn’t even scheduled to start until 2023, and Brampton is the second-fastest growing city in the country, by the time it’s complete, 250 beds will very likely still not be enough to bring Brampton up to the provincial average for health care services.

Moreover, the new hospital is expected to cost the City $125 million through their local share, which will likely come through a special tax levy.

However, the City does intend to ask the Region to cover half of the cost of their share at a Regional Council meeting this week.

There is a precedent for this, as recent hospital builds in Vaughan and Windsor, that including contributions from the City and the Region.

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