Brampton residents angry with late night explosions of fireworks


Published November 5, 2021 at 11:31 am

Diwali was Thursday (November 3), and, while many Brampton residents were excited to be able to celebrate for the first time in two years, some were frustrated with the excessive noise.

“I’ve got nothing against fireworks or Diwali but do you have to keep it up until 3 a.m.,” Reddit user OK_Needleworker posted to the Brampton subreddit page. “Some people are trying to sleep.”

Several other users shared the sentiment, mentioning their sleep had been disturbed by fireworks being set off late into the night—some reported hearing fireworks as late as 5 a.m.

“Slept for maybe an hour or two. Gonna be a fun 12-hour shift today, thank you kind Brampton residents!” another user commented.

In response, multiple people announced their plans for retribution, namely, blasting their car horns on their early-morning commute to work.

“I pulled into the driveway of the neighbours I knew who were setting off fireworks, blasting my car horn starting at 5:15 a.m. this morning. Once their lights started turning on, I left. Hit three houses before I was on my way to work,” Reddit user tasteslikelead commented.

Diwali is one of only four days of the year in Brampton when fireworks are permitted to be set off without a permit.

However, they are limited to just short-range fireworks—which travel no more than three metres (10 feet), and they are only permitted to be set off on private property.

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