Solar-powered bins could solve urban garbage problems at Hamilton parks


Published June 23, 2023 at 9:41 pm


The city is planning on installing two solar powered garbage bins at Victoria Park to help ‘smart waste recycling.’

As the weather gets warmer, many head to parks and open spaces, however, this has led to higher levels of waste accumulation in public spaces- especially post pandemic, according to authorities.

In an attempt to help solve the issue and take proactive steps, the Parks and Cemeteries staff have identified a potential solution; solar compacting waste containers.

On Wednesday(June 22), City councillors voted in favour of (0-16) installing these garbage compactors at this week’s General Issues Meeting.

Councilor Maureen Wilson put forth a motion about these bins, that were manufactured by U.S. based waste & recycling company, BigBelly.

These bins are capable of accommodating up to 10 times the amount of waste compared to traditional waste bins.

Solar Compactors- BigBelly’s website


A budget of $10,000 will be allocated from the Ward 1 Special Capital Reinvestment Reserve Fund for procuring and installing them.

According to BigBelly’s website, each solar waste bin has a 150-gallon capacity and is equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing them to communicate their status to designated crews.

“It has a fully automated, microprocessor controlled system that senses fullness and machine status,” according to the company’s website.

This feature ensures that collection teams are notified when a bin is nearing full capacity, streamlining waste management operations and optimizing collection schedules.

The city is yet to reveal when these solar compactors will be installed.

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