Snow plow route parking fines could go way up in Brampton this winter


Published October 23, 2023 at 1:52 pm

Leaving your vehicle parked on the street during snow clearing in Brampton could lead to higher fines as the city is looking at an increase in penalties to promote compliance.

When the snow starts to fall and accumulates more than five centimetres, the City of Brampton snow plows hit the road with the goal of clearing city streets within 24 hours of the end of a winter snowfall.

The city sends out notices to residents ahead of the plows as parked vehicles need to be removed from streets to make way for snow-clearing machines, and drivers who don’t move their vehicles could get hit with a $75 ticket, $145 for a tow and $60 per day impound fees.

But potential bylaw changes going to a council committee on Wednesday (Oct. 25) could see the price of a snow plow parking infraction jump from $75 to $125 and bring in higher fees for repeat offenders.

The proposed fee structure would be $125 for a first-time slap on the wrist, then doubling up to $250 for a second infraction. Every following offence after the second would come in with a fine of $350 per violation.

A report from city staff says the higher, graduated parking fines are meant to “deter chronic violators” and help promote compliance rather than act as a punishment for drivers.

“The presence of parked vehicles on the roadway, sidewalks and driveway entrances continues to be an inherent challenge faced in delivering winter control services in an effective and efficient manner,” the report reads. “Parked vehicles prevent efficient and effective snow plowing and removal, which results in higher operating costs for the City.”

If passed at committee on Wednesday the proposed changes will go to Brampton City Council for approval next week.

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