“Snow Event” declaration by City of Burlington would change on-street parking rules


Published November 23, 2021 at 1:47 pm

When a major city storm hits the city, some rules change and Burlington residents are being reminded of what happens.

When accumulation of five centimetres is reached, plows will clear primary and secondary roads. When accumulation reaches 7.5 cm, the city will declare a “Snow Event”.

During a snow event, road clearing updates will be sent to Snow Control Update subscribers at 9 a.m., 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. You can subscribe here to receive snow control updates by email.

Residential roads are not maintained to bare pavement but are sanded as required at intersections, hills and sharp curves to enhance traction.

All sidewalks are plowed after five-cm of accumulation and salted or sanded as required.

Roads will generally be cleared 24-hours after the snowfall has ended. Heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes extend this period longer than 24 hours.

The City is not responsible for clearing windrows left on driveways when the plow passes. If you think you will need help clearing the windrow, please make arrangements such as speaking with your neighbours, family members or hire a contractor.

When a snow event is declared, there is no parking on any city streets until after the snow event has been declared over. Residents who park their cars on streets blocking snow removal could be faced with a $120 parking ticket or be towed.

All existing parking exemptions are invalid during snow events.

“This year’s winter weather will be impacted by a La Nina weather pattern, which means we can expect more storm events, but it could also result in more rain than snow,” said Rico Scalera, director of Roads, Parks and Forestry.

“Either way, our crews are ready to keep sidewalks and roads clear of snow and ice. Residents can help us by not parking cars on residential roads and blocking our trucks from doing their job.”

Snow events and parking restrictions are announced through the City’s social media as well as through snow control updates.

During the winter season, the City of Burlington maintains 1,900 lane kilometres of roads and 850 kilometres of sidewalks. Residents can help with the removal of snow from streets and sidewalks by following road safety and parking rules:

  • Wait until 24-hours after the snowfall has ended before calling or emailing your concerns. It takes time to clean up after a storm.
  • Do not park vehicles on the street during a snowfall. Also, please do not leave vehicles over the sidewalk while in your driveway as this can prevent the sidewalk plow from completing its work.
  • Do not shovel, plow or blow snow from residential or commercial properties onto the road or across the road. This poses a hazard to motorists and is prohibited by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and City bylaw.
  • Snow plows need room to clear the snow. Drivers should stay back 20 meters as sand and salt may be dropping from the trucks. This also gives you room to stop safely.
  • Give snow plows plenty of space at intersections. The snow plow may need two or more lanes to turn or to get through the intersection. If a snow plow is waiting to turn left at an intersection, do not pull up and stop underneath or in front of the wing plow (the plow attached to the right side of the truck). Your vehicle could be struck by the plow when the truck pulls forward.
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