Silencing Noisy Mufflers in Mississauga

Published April 20, 2016 at 6:12 pm


Bramalea and Malton residents can expect the streets to be a little quieter thanks to a new initiative by the Peel Regional Police. 

This month, they’re running a “Vehicular Excessive Noise Campaign.” 

According to a recent Mississauga News article, the campaign is aimed at ridding Mississauga streets of noisy and unnecessary vehicles that don’t comply with the Highway Traffic Act’s “unnecessary noise” regulation. 

Apparently muffler noise is such an issue that multiple people in the city have issued complaints. Now, the police are taking action by clamping down and making it a priority for the month. 

They are hoping that this campaign, along with a $110 fine, will get drivers to think twice. 

According to Peel Sgt. Steve Arney, the two main issues are “vehicles that are not maintained and mufflers on cars and motorcycles that have been modified to make excessive noise,” as reported by The News. “They sound like they’re going 100 km/h when they’re not,” Arney said of the modified vehicles. 

Noisy cars are disturbing and can be a real annoyance for people that live in certain areas of the city, especially people that live close to busy roads. 

According to the article, the police have said the noise is a huge nuisance and safety concern, adding, “the noise distracts other drivers and interferes with residents enjoying their property.” 

For those with car issues, police are taking a “zero tolerance approach to enforcement.” This means regardless if your car is making noise on purpose or not, you will still be fined, so make sure your car noise is at city approved levels if you don’t want to be out $110. 

This new campaign should, ideally, make the streets a little safer and quieter.


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