Seven Seas Limited recalling Unomundo brand tuna loins and steaks


Seven Seas Limited is recalling Unomundo brand tuna loins and steaks due to elevated levels of histamine.

The recalled items were sold in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and they may have been distributed in other provinces or territories as well.

Food containing high levels of histamine may not look or smell bad, but it can cause scombroid poisoning, which is similar to an allergic reaction.

Symptoms include: burning throat, diarrhea, dizziness, facial swelling, headache, vomiting and a peppery taste in the mouth.

Anyone who believes they may have purchased one of the recalled items should not eat it; even if cooked it can cause illness—histamines are not destroyed when cooked.

Rather, those who have purchased the recalled items should return them to the store at which they were purchased or throw them out.

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