Seafood City Set to Open First Canadian Location in Mississauga

Published September 21, 2017 at 6:38 pm


Can you imagine a vast and sprawling supermarket that offers absolutely everything from the best and finest Filipino foods, Asian products and North American classics to a wide array of household goods?

If you can’t, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

Seafood City, the wildly popular American grocery store that specializes in Filipino products (and, more importantly, the Filipino lifestyle) is about to open its very first Canadian location in Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga.

Located on 800 Boyer Blvd., the massive supermarket will boast everything from popular Filipino, Asian and American meats, fish, produce and snacks to five (yes, five) fast food and takeout service areas.

“We serve the Filipino-American lifestyle,” says Mildred Smith, Marketing Manager with Seafood City Supermarket. “This is not only a supermarket. We offer all the Filipino food people miss from home, and most of the products–about 60-70 per cent–come from the Philippines.”

The fresh, bright and airy space is indeed unique. Full of both local meats and seafood (with a huge selection of fish, shrimp and squid laid out on enormous tables full of ice) and imported Filipino snacks and dry foods, Seafood City truly offers Mississauga’s sizeable Filipino community something of a home away from home.

It also caters to the city even more by offering North American and other Asian goods–think Japanese noodles and sauces, Chinese dumplings and beloved Canadian products.

As for what truly sets Seafood City apart, it’s probably the brand’s well-known Filipino fast and takeout food spots, especially all-time favourite Jollibee.

And while it’s important to note that Jollibee won’t be opening until early in the New Year, the brands other takeout spots–Grill City, Noodle Street, Crispy Town and Valerio’s Bake Shop–will be serving their famous mix of adobo, bangus sisig, grilled sweet longganisa, noodles, dim sum, deep-fried pork, Halo Halo and more.

“Between the brands, we can serve people any kind of food they’re craving,” says Smith.

As far as the grocery store portion of the store goes, Seafood City offers customers a large produce section and an array of fresh noodles, tofu and more. When it comes to food, the supermarket is best known for offering an incredible selection of Filipino snacks.

“Filipino people are big on snacks, we have so much,” says Smith. “We have popular Filipino biscuits, all imported from Philippines. We offer one stop shopping for these brands, as they’re all in one place.”

Another interesting addition to the store is its inclusion of an impressive amount of big screen TVs. While some TVs will display menu items at counters, others will broadcast important cultural events, including concerts, to shoppers excited to experience an even more interactive taste of home at Seafood City.

But while Seafood City is going to become a hub for the Filipino community, it will offer something for everyone.

“It’s a store for everyone,” says Smith. “It’s a complete supermarket.”

For those who cannot wait to see the store for themselves, the Grand Opening Madness event will kick off when the store opens its doors on Sept. 28. The celebration, which Smith expects to be busy, will indeed be a special one.

“We have what we call the Grand Opening Madness, where the first 100 people will get a 15 pound bag of rice for $1.”

Regular customers–better known as Suki Card Members–will be given the chance the win prizes, such as a one year supply of rice. Other lucky winners could end up with a cart full of free groceries.

And while the store isn’t open just yet, you can sign up to be a Suki Card Member here.

For more info on Seafood City, click here.

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