School Board Is Launching This New Program To Help Students Living In Poverty


A young student's success shouldn't be hampered by financial barriers or by poverty.

The Region of Peel recently announced on Feb. 22 a new, grassroots initiative to help students in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon succeed without the added stress of those factors.

Dubbed the Peel Learning Foundation, the organization attempts to raises funds to enable students under the Peel District School Board achieve personal excellence by providing resources, without barriers impeding their way forward.

The initiative has launched with two programs, the first being the Student Emergency Needs Program.

This first program will allow anyone to donate upwards of $150 to assist students with things such as food, clothing, medical supplies, and transportation costs. It also assists students who face personal corcumctances such as family crises like job layoffs or housing challenges.

The second program, entitled the Student Backpack Program, aims to give students backpacks with added school supplies to alleviate any barriers that would impede on their ability to fully participate in the classroom.

Delivered to students in confidence, donations of these backpacks can be made in different amounts, up to $110.

More information on the foundation can be found at

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