Scam Artist Reported In Mississauga & Brampton Area


Published May 11, 2016 at 3:54 pm


Not everyone is who they seem, sadly – including those who make a sad plea for money.

There are reports of a scam artist, a white man looking to be about middle-aged, wandering around the Brampton/Mississauga area and asking people for cash with the promise that they’ll be paid back. 

Multiple photos clearly show the man’s face, while video recordings capture his voice as he explains to passersby the situation he’s in and what he needs money for. 

Though his story will change with every person he talks to, he generally claims that he has no way to get home and needs money to pay for a taxi. 

There are some minor details he often keeps consistent as well. He claims to be studying engineering at Sheridan College, he’s a mechanic who owns a shop (and will provide free services as compensation), and he has a two-year-old that he needs to pick up. 

Aside from that, the information he provides is generally inconsistent. Sometimes he claims he is from Mississauga, other times he’ll say he lives in Etobicoke. 

He has appeared at least once alongside a younger-looking woman who he claims is his wife Anna, but reports show that he will often approach people by himself. 

It seems that he will generally try to scam people for upwards of $40-50. One Reddit user on the Brampton forum made a post warning people about this scam artist, saying he was lucky to only lose $40 as the man was asking for a lot more. 

Scammers are nothing new, so remember to be cautious about who you give money to. Stay safe, Mississauga! 

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