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Published September 30, 2015 at 3:38 pm


Welcome to Sauga Street Style – a new photo feature that profiles Mississauga’s most stylish people. Every week or so, Insauga will check out a local neighbourhood or event and profile a few of the coolest people there. We’ll highlight anyone with a unique look and something to say, so you can glean some style inspiration and maybe find out about a cool new or obscure bar or restaurant.   

This week, we found some insanely stylish people in Streetsville.

Here are their looks and stories.


How would you describe your style? Wow. Comfortable with articles of clothing that make me feel confident and reflect who I am but are still presentable. 

Occupation: I am an elementary school teacher. 

Quote you live by: Try to learn something new every day. 

Favourite food: Coffee. Is that a food? No? I’m sticking with it! 

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: Paramount. It’s my current favourite.

Do you like Michael’s style?


How would you describe your style? I think it’s yuppie. It’s a good mix of hipster and yuppie. I think that’s my vibe. 

Occupation: I’m an actor. I do improv. 

Quote that you live by: That’s hard, let’s go back to that. 

Favourite food: Burgers. 

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: Burger Legend.

Do you like Peter’s style?



How would you describe your style? I would like to say it’s more of an urban type of style. It’s a trend I try to keep up with. 

Occupation: Personal trainer. 

Quote you live by: Be the hardest worker in the room. 

Favourite food: I would probably say sushi.

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: If I were to choose something small, I would say Bamboo Bubble Tea. They have really good bubble tea, but the best thing is their Vietnamese subs.

Do you like Jonathan’s style?’



How would you describe your style? I like to overdress whenever possible and I think my style is classic. Sometimes I put an inordinate amount of thought into my clothing to the detriment of my social life.

Occupation: I’m a law student.

Quote you live by: A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she’s in hot water.

Favourite food: Crème brulee, but vanilla only.

Favourite restaurant: Scaddabush.

Do you like Tanille’s style?



How would you describe your style: 1950s housewife meets urban girl with an R&B soul.

Occupation: I’m a law student.

Quote you live by: Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so live for today.

Favourite food: Caribbean.

Favourite restaurant in Mississauga: 168 Sushi.

Do you like Marissa’s style?



How would you describe your style? Professional, hip and trendy. All three mixed together.

Occupation: I manage a gym.

Quote that you live by: Poor is a man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

Favourite food: Fried chicken.

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: Scaddabush.

Do you like Jay’s style?



How would you describe your style? Someone once told me that I was on fleek. I don’t know what it means, but I took it as a compliment. I like to keep it classic with clothes that never really go out of style.

Occupation: I’m a nurse practitioner.

Quote you live by: Just be.

Favourite food: Burgers.

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: Burger’s Priest in Port Credit. 

Do you like Mark’s style?


Do you think Streetsville has style?

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