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Published November 9, 2015 at 11:35 pm


Welcome to Sauga Street Style – a new photo feature that profiles Mississauga’s most stylish people. Every week or so, Insauga will check out a local neighbourhood or event and profile a few of the coolest people there. We’ll highlight anyone with a unique look and something to say, so you can glean some style inspiration and maybe find out about a cool new or obscure bar or restaurant.    

This week, we found some insanely stylish people at the City Centre

Here are their looks and stories. 


What’s your style? I like to think contemporary but still a little modern. I like to wear everything slim-fitted. 

What do you do? I’m in IT. 

Favourite quote? Just live your truth. 

Favourite food? Right now, I’m going to say Hakka food. I say that because I saw it on an insauga Top 5 and I’ve been really enjoying it. 

Favourite Restaurant? Chilli Chicken House. No hesitation. Chilli Chicken House. 

Do you like Robert’s style?



What’s your style? I would say laid back and comfortable with a little bit of edge. 

What do you do? I’m a manager at Lululemon and I also teach Pilates. 

Quote that you live by? I like to live a bold life. Be bold is kind is my motto in life. I try to live into that every single day. 

Favourite food? Avocados. 

Favourite restaurant? I love Raw Aura in Port Credit; it’s a raw vegan restaurant. 

Do you like Tiffany’s style?


What’s your style? My style is alive and dead at the same time. It’s kind of like purgatory, I’m in between worlds. If you think about the aesthetics of blue and red, it’s kind of an in between sort of style where things juxtapose together. It’s a clash of two of different worlds.

What do you do? I’m a comedian and a rapper. A musician, essentially. 

Favourite quote? I don’t have a specific quote, but I’d say that fear is unnecessary. 

Favourite food? Favourite food would be….well, I’m a vegetarian, so I would say dosas. It’s a south Indian dish. Kind of like a pancake. When I used to eat meat, I loved Chinese food. I love sushi too, but vegetarian sushi. 

Favourite restaurant? Axia is one of my favourites in Mississauga, but I haven’t been there in a while. 

Do you like Victor’s style?



What’s your style? Since I’m mostly chasing a baby around, I wear whatever is comfy and fits at this point. When I go back to work, I hope to dress a bit more professionally. 

What do you do? I’m an evaluation and research specialist. 

Favourite quote? A quote that resonates with me right now is the days are long but the years are short. Meaning that even if I’m incredibly exhausted from waking up all night with the baby, I should really appreciate this time and make the most of it because time goes by really fast. 

Favourite food? Pasta. 

Favourite restaurant? It depends on my mood, but I find myself eating pho quite a bit. I like Pho Mi 99. 

Do you like Dianna’s style?


How would you describe your style? What ever makes me feel comfortable. No jeans ever! 

Occupation: Barista at the Cold Pressery 

Quote you live by: I don’t know… 

Favourite food: Chicken parmesan

Favourite restaurant in Sauga: McDonald’s

Do you like Vianna’s style?


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