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Published January 26, 2016 at 2:08 pm


Welcome to Sauga Street Style – a new photo feature that profiles Mississauga’s most stylish people. 

Every few weeks or so, insauga will check out a local neighbourhood or event and profile a few of the coolest people there. We’ll highlight anyone with a unique look and something to say, so you can glean some style inspiration and maybe find out about a cool new or obscure bar or restaurant.    

This week, we found some insanely stylish people at the VAM (Visual Arts Mississauga) 38 Opening Reception and Awards at the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM). 

Here are their looks and stories.


What’s your style? My style is probably a little bit of vintage, classy and chic. 

Favourite Artist: Rebecca Belmore 

Why? I am personally an art historian who focuses on feminist activist art work and her work encapsulates that and she’s a wonderful indigenous Canadian artist as well. 

Occupation: I work for the Art Gallery of Mississauga as a curatorial assistant and volunteer coordinator. 

Favourite food: Lasagna 

Fav resto: Port 229.

Do you like Laura’s style? 


What’s your style? I would define my style as, without offending anybody, schizophrenic. It depends on my personality. I’m not like a Kim Kardashian or someone who people could say, “okay, we’re used to seeing her in tight clothes or skin tone colours.” I could wake up and have a meeting and feel like getting my grown woman swag on and put on a blazer and put my hair back. The most important thing is to keep an element of myself through my jewellery. I’ve travelled to Kenya and India and different places, and while traveling my friends have given me jewellery that means so much to them. It has a story. As long as I know I have one of those pieces on, no matter where I am, it’s like I always have that grounding piece to tie me back to my own identity and who I am. 

Occupation: I am a community activator: education and programs at the AGM. 

Favourite artist: That is very difficult. I would have to say it’s a tie between Jamel Shabazz, Rajni Perera and Kent Monkman. I love the way they address very serious subject matter using comedy and humor in their works. I like how they’re both very off the wall artists. I think what they represent is what Canadian identity should be, which is to question and rebel against some of the staleness we have here at times. 

Favourite food: Mexican food 

Favourite resto: I used to love the Licks beside Square One, so I’m gonna say shout out to the old school Licks!

Do you like Natasha’s style? 


What’s your style: Casual 

Occupation: Artist 

Favourite artist? Many artists. I like [Robert] Houle, a First Nations artist who has [exhibited] at this gallery.

Food: Sushi

Do you like Majid’s style? 


Occupation: I have many occupations. My current job is in sales and I just launched my own health and beauty company through Arbonne. I volunteer at the AGM. 

Favourite artist: I don’t know if I can pick one. I find inspiration in many things. I find inspiration in local artists and in nature. I can’t pick one. 

What’s your style? Eclectic. 

Favourite food: Anything green, pretty much! 

Favourite restaurant: Mickey’s Pizza down on Lakeshore. They have a wicked pizza oven I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Do you like Brian’s style? 


Occupation: I am an artist (she exhibits at the AGM and pictured next to her painting) 

What’s your style? My style is expressionist infused with humor 

Favourite artist: I like Klimt and I like expressionists and impressionists and Van Gogh. 

Favourite food: Chocolate 

Favourite restaurant: Sushi Tei

Do you like Janice’s style? 


What’s your style: I like to mix a lot of thrift store and vintage finds with classic pieces. 

Occupation: Right now, I am professional writing and communications student and working as a communications person here at the AGM. 

Favourite artist: That’s a tossup! [I like] Edward Burtynsky’s photographs and Ellsworth Kelly. 

Favourite food: Probably burritos 

Favourite restaurant: I really like The Apricot Tree. The schnitzel there is fantastic. 

Do you like Emily’s style? 


What’s your style: Oh gosh, I didn’t realize we were going to get into the theoretical here! Vintage eclectic chic!

Occupation: I’m the assistant curator at the AGM. 

Favourite artist: Oh my gosh, that is for sure a tough one. I’m a huge fan of Shary Boyle because I love how she bridges the contemporary art and craft world through ceramics and involves performance art as well. 

Favourite food: Chocolate 

Favourite restaurant: Bier Markt

Do you like Kendra’s style? 

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