Safety upgrades underway at GO bus stations in Burlington, Milton and Oakville


Published June 22, 2021 at 4:19 pm

Metrolinx recently announced that they will be making safety upgrades at several GO stations across the region including ones in Burlington, Milton and Oakville.

According to Metrolinx, the safety upgrades will be focused on GO bus loops at stations across the region, some of which have already begun and others that will continue throughout this year and into 2022.

This year, the upgrades that are expected include the painting of new yellow lines around the perimeter of bus platforms, the installation of physical barriers around the perimeter of select bus loops and across the middle of the bus loops to prevent shortcuts and the installation of new signs including some warning pedestrians of potential fines for walking in prohibited areas of GO bus loops.

Next year, Metrolinx has another set of upgrades planned including the installation of crosswalks at select stations, the evaluation of existing crosswalks, some of which will be relocated with enhancements and the installation of new pavement decals.

According to Metrolinx, while the relocation of some crosswalks may result in a longer walk for customers, it is meant to increase safety.

Additionally, illuminated crosswalks will be installed only at locations that have traffic moving in multiple directions and those that have island platforms.

For more information on Metrolinx’s safety upgrade, click here.

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