Rumours in Sauga: Could a Major Seafood Restaurant be Coming This Year?


It's not unusual for Mississauga—a city with a thriving, growing culinary scene—to welcome new restaurants and 2017 is shaping up to be a good year in food for the city (and it'll be an even better year if a well-placed rumour about a certain seafood restaurant turns out to be true).

A well-placed source recently told that The Captain's Boil, a growing seafood boil resto that recently opened its latest location in Etobicoke, might be setting up shop in Mississauga before 2017 is through.

As for what sets this establishment apart, it's the Asian-inspired take on seafood. According to the chain's website, Asian fisherman that immigrated to the U.S. Gulf Coast in the 70s enhanced the recipe for the classic Louisiana Creole crawfish boil by adding such aromatics as lemongrass and ginger and serving the dish with garlic butter and various Asian spices.

In short, The Captain's Boil boasts Cajun and Asian fusion items and it's the first restaurant of its kind in the GTA.

While diners can enjoy the new Etobicoke location, the brand could open a location in our neck of the woods soon. As for what area of the city it'll take shape in, rumour has it operators have their eye on a spot in the Mavis and Burnhamthorpe area.

We'll keep you updated on any developments associated with this exciting rumour.

Photo courtesy of cfoodie.

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