Rogers Increases Data Overage Charges Substantially

Published July 6, 2017 at 10:27 pm


Unfortunate news for Rogers customers!

According to updates on their website, Rogers has increased data overage costs on Share Everything plans by $2 per 100 megabytes.

That might not sound like much the way it’s listed, however the rate is going up from $5 per 100 megabytes, or $50 per gigabyte, to $7 per 100 megabytes, or $70 per gigabyte.

So, customers will now be paying $70 for every gigabyte they go over data use on a Rogers Share Everything plan.

The $20 difference in charges works out to a 40 per cent increase in price for going over data usage.

The price difference will only apply to new customers or those who change their plans.

According to Rogers, text messages are sent out at 90 per cent and 100 per cent of data usage, as well as at $30 in overage and at $90 in overage so that customers can track their usage.

Also, with a Share Everything plan, there can be a data manager, who controls how much data everyone on the line is using from an app on their phone.

“We also comply with the WCoC (Wireless Code of Conduct) rules of blocking the account at $50 per line. As of December 1st, it will be $50 per account,” Rogers representative Sarah Schmidt told

The new charges are on par with Bell’s overage charges for shared plans, at $0.07 per megabyte.

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