Riverwalk project expected to revitalize downtown Brampton


Published May 15, 2021 at 7:33 pm


The City of Brampton is embarking on a project that will transform the downtown core.

Although downtown Brampton has charm, much of the development in the area was restricted due to flood risk from the Etobicoke Creek. The Riverwalk Revitalization project is being undertaken by the City to eliminate the flood risk while integrating the creek into downtown, unlocking the potential for the urban growth and dynamic public spaces for Canada’s ninth largest city. 

As a response to frequent flooding, the Etobicoke Creek was diverted away from the core through a concrete-lined bypass channel in 1952. The provincial government has since designated it as a Special Policy Area – a regulatory floodplain – but thanks to recent feasibility studies approved in 2018, the City has determined that it is possible to eliminate flood risk, remove the SPA designation, and allow for more ambitious development in Brampton. 

In 2020, a comprehensive environmental assessment was conducted to ensure that construction remains sustainable. Read about the environmental mitigation strategies here. Construction is slated to begin in 2023, but currently the City of Brampton is in the “detailed design” step of the process. Public information sessions took place throughout early 2021 with consultations from the public as well as two surveys that were sent to Brampton residents. The results of those consultations can be found here. The City of Brampton has also set up a Community Liaison Team made up of community members in charge of ensuring that residents are engaged throughout every step of the design. 

The Urban Design Master Plan (UDMP) contains the aspirations for development along the Etobicoke Creek valley. It involves parks development along the valley, open space design, eco-spaces, and recreational uses and will serve as the basis for re-envisioning the space between Vodden St. and Clarence St. 

This project allows for the opportunity to include new amenities for arts and culture, tourism, gastronomy, affordable housing, transportation, and other strategic priorities that align with Brampton’s 2040 vision goals. With $38.8 million in federal funding and over $58.2 million earmarked by the City of Brampton for this massive infrastructure project, the possibilities for Brampton are endless. 

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