R.I.D.E. Out in Full Force for Super Bowl Weekend in Mississauga


If you have big Super Bowl plans this weekend, you should be aware that R.I.D.E. will be out in full force (not that you would drink and drive, anyways!).

Peel police recently announced that Reducing Impaired Driving Everywhere (R.I.D.E.) checks will be conducted by Road Safety Services over the weekend, starting on Saturday, Feb. 4 and persisting into Sunday, Feb. 5.

Police are advising residents to drink responsibly and to take an alternate mode of transportation (such as a taxi or bus) if they cannot safely operate a vehicle. Police are also advising football fans to pick a DD and ensure he or she doesn't slip and drink too much (and if he or she does, they recommend calling a cab).

"Impaired driving is no accident," the Peel police release reads. "It is one of the leading causes of criminal death in Canada that can be avoided by planning ahead. If you see an impaired driver call the police using 9-1-1 services as soon as you can do so safely."

Stay safe and have a great Super Bowl weekend, everyone!

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