Resto Reco: Best Egyptian restaurant in Mississauga combines sweet and savoury


Published August 2, 2021 at 2:13 pm


You can never have too much good Egyptian food (though I may be biased, having an Egyptian background myself).

While Mississauga sadly doesn’t have very many restaurants focused on Egyptian cuisine, what it does have doesn’t disappoint — especially when it comes to Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen, located in the Britannia and Millcreek area at 2275 Britannia Rd West. Masrawy, which opened in summer 2018, calls itself “Mississauga’s first dine-in, Egyptian soul food restaurant” and has found a lot of success, both with the city’s Egyptian community and with non-Egyptian foodies.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of authentic Egyptian breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and main dishes such as the Macarona Bechamel, Koshary, and the dish I had for this review, the Masrawy Fusion. I also had a side of falafel.


“This is that dish. The one you heard about from your friend. And their friend, and that other girl. And that guy at work. Yeah, it’s that one.”

That’s how the restaurant describes the Masrawy Fusion: A dish of seasoned golden Basmati rice with boneless grilled chicken, topped with garlic Aioli, spicy chilli sauce, and a mix of candied carrots and cranberries.

I have to say, after reading that description, this dish lives up to the hype. The chicken and rice were delicious and perfectly seasoned, and the garlic Aioli and chilli sauce added a ton of flavour. The taste is greatly complimented by the sweetness of the candied carrots and cranberries. This is the ultimate combination of sweet and savoury, so if you like having both tastes in one dish, the Masrawy Fusion is for you. As far as customization goes, you can get the dish with mixed or sirloin beef, and with fries instead of rice.

As a big falafel lover, I had high expectations for the side dish of falafel, and I was not disappointed. Masrawy’s falafel is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside. It was honestly good enough to eat on its own but came with pita, veggies and tangy tahini sauce for a delicious falafel sandwich.


Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen helps fill a niche in Mississauga’s food scene as one of the only restaurants focused on Egyptian cuisine. It also boasts a comfortable, modern interior. The food is authentic and you can tell they spend a lot of time getting the taste of everything just right.


Masrawy is one of the best restaurants in the city period, but especially if you’re craving some delicious Egyptian food. I highly recommend the Masrawy Fusion if you want something that’s both filling and a satisfying combination of sweet and savoury.

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