Restaurants in Historic Houses in Mississauga


Our history peaks through on the modern city’s landscape. One of the ways we can connect with our past, and the rich stories it can tell, is through landmarks and historic buildings that have, over time, evolved and adapted to new uses as our city has grown.

Mississauga today is home many historic houses which originally served as private family homes, but have, over time, become restaurants, pubs, and other commercial establishments. There are many more than those which are pictured here.

Chelsea Restaurant, formerly the Peer House, built c1867

Crooked Cue, Port Credit, formerly the Vogue Theatre, build c1937

Cuchlainn’s Irish Pub, Streetsville, formerly Minerva’s Bower, built c1840

Culinaria Restaurant, formerly the Elliott House, built c1860

Franklin House, Streetsville, built c1855

El Mariachi, Streetsville, formerly the Graydon Block, built c1891

Old Barber House Restaurant, formerly the William Barber House, built c1862

Roc N Docs, Port Credit, formerly Credit View Dairy, built c1925

Scarlett House Catering, formerly the Hornby House, built c1850

Second Cup, Streetsville, formerly the Embleton-Goodison General Store, built c1830

The Wilcox Gastropub, formerly the Willcox House, built c1844

All images are courtesy of Heritage Mississauga.

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