Restaurant Reco: This hidden gem has the best pizza in Mississauga


Published February 5, 2022 at 11:30 am

Anyone who’s recently taken a look at Insauga’s Top 5 Pizza Joints will know that this Restaurant Reco was a long time coming – for a restaurant to be our #1 favourite pizza place for so long, it was inevitable that sooner or later we’d have to give it its own article to show it the appreciation it deserves.

I’m talking about JP’s Pizzeria, located in a west Mississauga plaza at 5980 Churchill Meadows Blvd near Britannia.

This unassuming pizza joint doesn’t immediately catch the eye, looking mostly like a typical takeout pizza joint with a counter and a few seats – but what they lack in visual flair they more than make up for in the quality of their pizzas, which boast some of the freshest and tastiest toppings we’ve had in Mississauga.

JP’s menu features a nice selection of signature pizzas (Deluxe, Canadian, Meat Lovers and the Super to name just a few), chicken wings, potato wedges, onion rings, panzerotti, salads and even some pasta dishes.

You can also customize a pizza with your choice of cheese, meat and veggie toppings, with the option to make it a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with brushed extra virgin olive oil and special herbs and spices.


For this reco, I tried the Super: One of JP’s best signature pizzas, piled with a generous amount of pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, bacon, and smoked ham (which I substituted for salami).

“Super” is a very fitting name for this pizza, because I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza that pulls off such a large combination of toppings so flawlessly. Every topping here is fresh and absolutely delicious – all of the meat toppings were perfectly crispy and well seasoned, with an overall taste that’s complimented nicely by the onions and balanced out by the fresh mushrooms and green peppers.

The consistency of the cheese was also very nice, as was the flavour and texture of the crispy dough. JP’s says they’re best known for their hand-kneaded dough, fresh ingredients and homemade sauce, all of which are definitely on full display in the Super. The pizza does tend on the greasier side, but if you have no qualms with greasy pizza (or if you prefer it!) then this is a very easy recommendation.


Besides the fantastic pizza, JP’s has some of the best service I’ve ever gotten from a pizza joint. The staff and delivery drivers were courteous and friendly both times I ordered – the first time I ordered, they upgraded my medium pizza to a large for free because it was my first order with them, so props to JP’s for the amazing customer service!


JP’s Pizzeria is our favourite pizza in Mississauga and hands down one of the best pizza joints in the city — absolutely worth a try if you love pizza or just like to explore some of Mississauga’s lesser known restos. All of their signature pizzas look great, but if you’re not sure what to try I can personally recommend the Super.

  1. JP’s Pizzeria
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