Residents Outraged Over Housing Development Proposed for Mississauga


A residential development that’s been proposed for one of Mississauga’s most well-known neighbourhoods has earned the ire of a group of residents who are decidedly not in favour of the project.

Back in February 2011, the city received an application from Barbertown Venture to build 83 townhomes on a private condominium road near an existing flour mill. The development area, 1707-1725 Barbertown Road, is also deemed as flood-prone land.

A community meeting was held on July 17, 2018, where approximately 25 residents attended and commented on the development. After receiving the feedback and making small changes, another public meeting was held in February 2019.

The city received many complaints about the development including issues about traffic, environmental, both loss of trees and potential for flooding, and compatibility of new homes with the ADM Mill as well as the effect on ADM Mill’s ability to undertake future expansions.

City departments also made recommendations to change the plan due to such issues. The city asked the applicant to dedicate the hazard or flood-prone lands, which the applicant declined. The city also stated that they need to look into the effects of decommissioning two domestic wells. five monitoring wells, three septic systems, and one aboveground storage tank due to the development.

Barbertown Venture replied to the public’s statements stating that the traffic volumes on Barbertown Road are acceptable according to the Transportation and Works Department. The applicant will also dedicate a block of the draft plan for green space and the amenity area. The company stated that they must look into the Environmental Noise Guideline, Stationary and Transportation Sources, and Approval and Planning

The company has reduced the number of townhomes from 83 to 75, realigned the road network and included a central outdoor amenity area for the subdivision.

According to the city, the proposed development now maintains the neighbourhood character and the city structure policies.

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