Residents Devastated After Homeless Man’s Garden Destroyed in Mississauga


Residents of Mississauga's close-knit Streetsville community have taken to Facebook to voice concerns over the reported destruction of a local man's garden.

In a post on the Streetsville Living Facebook page, a resident says that a garden maintained by a homeless resident named Joe has been removed.

"A very sad day in Streetsville," the post begins.

"A homeless man Joe cleaned up all the garbage along the east side of the train track by Shopper’s Drug Mart. In its place he planted the most beautiful garden. He put his heart and soul into it and it gave him something to look forward to each day. So many people in Streetsville enjoyed the beauty and would stop and chat, give him plants, flowers, stones etc. Today it was destroyed."

Photos courtesy of Streetsville Living Facebook page

According to the post, the garden was removed by authorities.

Ward 11 City Councillor George Carlson even weighed in on the controversy, adding that the garden was removed from private property—not city-owned lands—and that his office is looking into the matter.

"Hello Streetsville. Joe has been friend of mine for many years and I have watched his creativity at work, with envy. The land in question is not public property, and is located between the CPR and DeZen property," Carlson wrote in response to the post, adding that he's hoping to contact Joe in regards to the matter.

"I did not ask for the removal of Joe’s work, nor was I informed this action was being taken. My staff and I are looking into this as I write, and I will keep you posted. I will attempt to find Joe today to see how I can assist him. If anyone on this thread has a way to contact Joe, please send me a private message."

In the meantime, Paul Mulko, founder of Streetsville Living, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist Joe with various expenses.

"For a few years Joe has been cleaning up garbage and replacing it with a garden…We at Streetsville Living would like to show Joe that we care and love the community spirit he has. All moneys will go directly to Joe to be used at his discretion."

The campaign has raised $555, with a total fundraising goal of $5,000.

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