Regulations for putting up a campaign sign in Mississauga


Published October 15, 2019 at 10:43 pm


The 2019 federal election is as tight as ever, and the Conservatives and Liberals are currently neck and neck.

If you found yourself debating with family over which party is better suited to lead the country this past holiday weekend, you’re likely feeling even more strongly in your decision and want to broadcast that support.

Elections Canada recently announced the rules for displaying a sign in support of a party or candidate during the election.

According to Elections Canada, campaign sign placement is regulated by the provincial or municipal bylaws. Also, there are no set rules regarding what can and cannot be put on a campaign sign—however, any messages must have been authorized by an official agent of the party and state as much.

If you notice that your sign has suddenly vanished, there is not much you can do besides notify the police—destruction of property is considered a criminal offense—or write a letter to the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

Additionally, government agencies may remove signs that do not follow provincial or municipal laws, from public or private property, after notifying the person who authorized the posting of the sign.

If you notice someone has put a sign on your property without your permission, you can either remove it yourself or contact the party it is affiliated with and request they remove it.

Finally, in an effort to ensure polling stations remain neutral, partisan signs are prohibited from being displayed at polling stations (there are exceptions such as at shopping centres or university campuses).

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