Record breaking 22 people rescued this weekend in Oakville


Published August 9, 2022 at 8:29 pm

TOWARF photo

It was a busy weekend for the Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force (TOWARF).

The rescue, a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit, responded to six incidents involving 26 people over 22 hours, TOWARF tweeted on Aug. 8.

The calls started overnight Saturday (Aug. 6) when the team responded to two separate disabled boat calls. One boat didn’t have sufficient life jackets for the people on board.

“Each towed to safe haven all calm and in good health,” TOWARF tweeted on Aug. 7.

There were 18 people rescued.

The next series of events involved paddlers.

The first involved two paddleboarders in possible trouble between Oakville harbour and Coronation Park. When the rescue approached, they found both were OK but one had leg cramps and muscle spasms. The rescue boat shadowed them back to Oakville until they were safe.

The next call was from a kayaker who had become disoriented.

“Rescue Boat quickly located the person who was confused.”

They brought the man, who didn’t have a life jacket, on board and took him safely to the Bronte boat ramp.

TOWARF said the man was “in good spirits” after he received help.

Another paddleboarder was spotted struggling off Coronation Park. When the rescue boat arrived, they found three paddleboarders struggling and took them aboard. They were returned safely to shore.

The last call came from a member of the public who asked the rescue to help two teenage paddle boarders. But when the rescue boat arrived, they found one girl on shore and another following closely behind.

TOWARF is a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit that provides marine search and rescue services. The primary goal is saving lives at risk on western Lake Ontario.  The organization started in 1954 by Oakville’s then Police Chief Fred Oliver in partnership with the local boating community. TOWARF has been patrolling the waters off Oakville ever since.

They have more than 50 trained volunteers and are on duty 32 hours a week and on call 24/7 to the Rescue Centre and Halton Regional Police Service during the boating season.

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