Recalls of the Week for Mississauga Shoppers


Published October 11, 2016 at 1:55 am


Although most foods and products are safe, some edibles and items slip through the cracks and when they do, it’s good to be aware so you can fix or avoid them.

Here’s a list of products with recall notices:

 1) Purple Power Glass Cleaning Liquids

These cleaning products have been recalled for not having proper hazard labelling. Improper labeling can lead to misuse causing injury or, in some cases, death. The products affected by the recall include the Purple Power Glass Cleaner – Original Formula (16 oz.), Purple Power Ultra+ Instant Formula Glass Cleaner (8 oz.), Purple Power OIL/710 Solution (2.25 oz.) and the Purple Power iTravel Glass Cleaner (2.25 oz.). The products were sold between March 2006 and August 2016.

 2) Various Baby and Toddler Products with Metal Snaps by Roots

The metal snaps on these products may fall off and present a choking hazard for children. Roots has received three reports in Canada of snaps coming off, but so far no injuries have been reported. The affected products were sold from July 2014 to Sept. 2016. If you have this product, you can return it to Roots for a full refund.


3) 2017 Subaru Legacy and Outback Models

On certain vehicles, the driver’s knee guard bracket may not have been properly aligned at the time of welding and may not have been properly attached to the steering beam. If a frontal collision occurs while the driver is not wearing a seatbelt, the knee guard might not be able to restrain the lower body, increasing the risk of injury. If you have this vehicle, please consult your dealership about a repair.

4) Belgian Boys Mini Pancakes

These products have been recalled due to undeclared milk. The pancakes were sold in Fortino’s, Loblaws, Zehrs, No Frills and other grocery stores in and around the city and could make anyone with a milk allergy sick. If you have this product and cannot consume it because of an allergy, dispose of it or return it to the store for a full refund. One adverse reaction to the product has been reported.


5) Sliced Deli Meat Products Sold at Tre Rose Bakery

If you shop in Etobicoke, be aware that sliced deli meat products sold at Tre Rose Bakery up to and including Oct. 4 have been recalled due to possible listeria contamination. Foods contaminated with listeria may not look or smell spoiled, but can still be dangerous to consume. Ingestion of the bacteria can cause flu-like symptoms and pregnant women, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are more likely to experience serious adverse reactions. If you have consumed this product and feel sick, call your doctor. You should dispose of the product or return it to the store for a full refund.

6) Ove Decors La Palma 7-Piece Wicker Dining Set

This resin wicker/aluminum frame patio set (it contains six armchairs and one tempered glass tabletop and can be identified by item number 394734 and UPC number 828796000536) presents a safety hazard because the glass tabletop can break or shatter unexpectedly. Health Canada has received two reports of glass breaking, but no injuries have been reported. The affected products were sold between February and June of 2013.

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