Reasons to Play in Mississauga

Published December 20, 2011 at 5:05 am


I’m one of those guys that would rather stay local rather than take part in a big production that involves going downtown to a club, or worse yet, a birthday for someone that clearly lives insauga.  Why do people want to inconvenience all of their friends by asking them spend more money and time, not to mention the added stress just to eat an overpriced meal in Toronto when we have tons of nightlife and restaurants in Mississauga? Here’s a guide to play insauga instead of Toronto to save on TIME, STRESS, MONEY and GAS: )

TIME – Traffic
Last time I checked, the Gardiner was under construction and it doesn’t seem like it will be done anytime soon.  To get from Square One to the Spadina exit it takes roughly 30 minutes, and that’s on a good day.  So, if there is an accident on the QE westbound add another 15 minutes because of all the “rubberneckers.”  If there is one on the eastbound side, add another 30 minutes, minimum!  And I’m sure there is a bridge somewhere that has been under construction for about 3 years…add another 10 minutes.  So you’re up to an hour in no time.  If you have a car you can get anywhere in Mississauga in about 15 minutes, and find free parking.  This affords you the time to start chatting up the ladies 45 minutes earlier than you would have in the “Big Smoke.”  Save on TIME.

STRESS – Closures
If it’s not bad enough that you have sat on the Gardiner for the last hour, once you get to Toronto half the streets are closed for marathons, festivals or some other event that you’ve never heard of or care about.  So you are sitting in traffic again…add another 20 minutes.  The only streets that are ever closed for events insauga are around the Celebration Square and Port Credit.  Don’t STRESS out over road closures.

MONEY – Parking
An hour and a half later you’ve made it to Toronto, already in a bad mood and now you have to find parking, with the other million people trying to find parking.  You finally find a parking lot somewhat close to where you are going because the first 5 parking lots were full at $15 flat rate.  The price can range from $8 to $25, depending on the area and the night of the week.  Parking in Mississauga for about 99.9% of places is free (0.01% around Square One, people that park there are from Toronto).  That money could have been spent on a few drinks for you or a lovely lady instead of giving it to some parking attendant.  Save on MONEY

I don’t have to tell you how much money you will save in gas by going out insauga rather than Toronto. With the above factors plus the inflated gas prices, I have calculated that if you are “THAT GUY” that drives his buddies to Toronto every week, it will cost you $1.2 million more in gas than driving your buddies insauga.  Save on GAS and here’s some advice…if you are “THAT GUY,” stop being that guy.

I am by no means a Toronto hater.  I love the Leafs.  All I’m saying is that give Mississauga a chance and you will get to your destination a lot sooner, save money, you will be less stressed and you will not have to fill up your car when you get home!

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