Really Wild Weather Set to Hit Mississauga


It's gettin' hot in here, Mississauga!

We've been skirting in and around the double digits for the past week or two, but for the next two days we're expecting weather in the very high double digits.

According to the Weather Network, Wednesday afternoon we're expecting a high of 30 degrees, and Thursday we're expecting a high of 29 degrees.

It's supposed to feel like 36 and 35 degrees. Granted, Thursday shows thunderstorms, which will probably cool us all down, but look at those high numbers.

If you’re feeling a little overheated today, you’re welcome to cool off near the Celebration Square water fountain. 

The city of Mississauga recently took to Twitter to say that the umbrellas are out, so residents are free to enjoy some sun at the Square. 

Wear light clothes, slather on some sunscreen, and stay hydrated!

Body photo courtesy of City of Mississauga official Twitter page

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