This Place: This newly-built Applewood home offers a sleek, contemporary interior that's both trendy and warm, making it a stylish family home
It's no secret that it's not easy to purchase a home in Mississauga.
If you're hoping to purchase a home in Mississauga, you might want to brace yourself or wait out the holiday season, as the market isn't in the buyer's favour right this moment.
If there's one thing Mississauga needs, it's more purpose-built rental housing that will remain available to tenants—and tenants only—in perpetuity.
This Place: This brand new Lakeview home offers a generous amount of living space, a fresh new look and an attractive interior
Most people know that homes are expensive in Mississauga and surrounding cities, but not everyone realizes that a city that's known for expensive housing might not actually boast one of Ontario's t
It’s no secret that housing is expensive and affordable rentals are hard to come by in not only Mississauga, but most major municipalities across Ontario.
While it's no secret that homes are incredibly expensive in Mississauga and surrounding cities, all levels of government were forced to take action when real estate prices in the GTA skyrocketed in
This Place: This stately Sheridan home has a freshly renovated interior that boasts some striking finishes. It also has an elevator, hot tub and sauna.
This week, the Ontario government delivered their fall economic statement, otherwise known as a ‘mini-budget’, which is usually a preview to the actual budget they will deliver in the spring of 201