This Place: This 3,500 sq. ft. family home has solid bones, a gourmet kitchen, a sauna and a full nanny suite, making it the perfect investment property
In May, the new home market in the GTA saw another increase in the prices of condominium apartments.
The housing market has been a hot topic for a while now. And things still don't look too bright.
This Place: This home boasts a sleek, modern design, and it’s walking distance to the lake!
During a recent Planning and Development Committee meeting, Mississauga city councillors voted
This Place: This 6,600+ sq. ft. home is located in a luxurious neighbourhood, and the property is no less exquisite.
Affordable housing has emerged as an important issue during this provincial election campaign.
Back in the early 2000s, it wasn't uncommon to hear warnings about the ongoing condo boom in Mississauga and surrounding cities."They're over saturating the market," they said.
This Place: This grand 8,000 sq. ft. house offers a sleek all-white interior and jaw-dropping foyer that's the epitome of luxury
This Place: This eclectic modern home might remind you of a luxury hotel with its open-concept layout and neutral finishes, but its most compelling feature is its magazine-worthy b