This Place: This massive 1,750 square foot condo boasts a luxurious amount of space and a great view
With many Canadians being forced to adjust to the new normal of the pandemic, many are attempting to adapt their activities to be done at home.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian Real Estate Association expects the national average home price will rise 9.1 per cent to $620,400 in 2021, in one of the most optimistic forecasts yet for the real estate sec
While rent has continued to decline throughout the pandemic--particularly in the GTA--it is projected to increase in 2021.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian Home Builders' Association says the Liberal government's new $15-billion climate action plan includes welcome incentives for green renovations. 
With restrictions still in place for many parts of Ontario, and three regions once again in lockdown--with the possibility of more joining them--many people are looking to upgrade their living situat
This Place: This stunning Lakeview home boasts a modern exterior and sleek, contemporary interior that is sure to impress guests
TORONTO -- A deputy governor of the Bank of Canada says the central bank is monitoring rising housing prices, as it keeps interest rates low to help borrowers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. <
Prices for cottages are on the rise in Canada as an unexpected side-effect of the pandemic.
Mississauga has quickly become home to a swath of chic condos (and a lot more are on the way), but that doesn't mean that residents can't buy new low-rise units.