If you plan on buying a home in Mississauga this year, you will be faced with a challenging market with higher price points and lower inventory (at least for now).
This Place: Sometimes, a semi-detached house blows you away with its contemporary design (it's a standout home, to be sure) and chic interior that's sure to impress any guest
The housing market in Mississauga has fluctuated quite a bit this year.
Houses in Mississauga are pretty incredible, as the city boasts incredible mansions, chic family homes and trendy urban condos.
This Place: This gorgeous Mississauga Road home boasts a pristine interior and a chef's kitchen that is sure to wow any guest who stops by
There's never a dull say in real estate.
Ah, condos.Some people love them, some people say they blot out the sun.
This Place: This place has a gorgeous exterior and an absolutely stunning yard that backs onto the Credit River
The quantity of housing is becoming an increasingly important issue in the years ahead, as housing inventory is conceringly low and the lack of new homes is driving prices—which are already formid
For many people, homeownership is a dream—and it's a dream that's slipping further and further out of reach in a city (and province) where detached homes cost up to or well over $1 million and bas