Most people are aware that it can be prohibitively expensive to purchase a home in one of the GTA's most in-demand cities.But few are aware of how unaffordable Mississauga actually is.
It looks like things are getting exciting - or concerning, depending on your perspective and general anxiety level - for Mississauga’s real estate market.
While some sleepier GTA municipalities have fought intensification and decried the notion of embracing increased density, Mississauga has enthusiastically tackled a number of grand scale developmen
At a time when one major report has officially indicated that it’s quickly becoming cheaper to own a home
Thinking of buying a home? Then you may (or may not) be interested in a recent Oakville listing.This $59 million house, conveniently located in Oakville, is for sale.
A truly iconic condo tower is coming to Mississauga.And it's safe to say that it's going to change the city's skyline forever (and, perhaps, for the better).
Not everyone loves condos, but most can't deny that they almost always add something extra to the skyline.Especially in places where major urban skylines are still in their infancy.
This Place: This absolutely spectacular 7,000 sq. ft.
It’s no secret that renting is expensive, but the astronomical increases are—believe it or not—working to ensure that renting is no longer (or at least rarely) a cheaper alternative to homeowners
This Place: This 3,500 sq. ft.