This Place: This 5,000 sq. ft. home is absolutely perfect and boasts stunning outdoor features and a chic interior that will impress anyone who walks through the door
While the lack of affordable rental housing is a significant issue throughout the GTA, discussions regarding the derth of such housing in Mississauga, in particular, have generated action. 
Let's face it: when it comes to affordable housing, Mississauga simply doesn't have enough, although this city is not unique when it comes to that problem.
Although the housing market isn't quite as wild as it was a little over two years ago, home prices are high and it doesn't look like buyers (particularly first-time buyers) are going to get a break
Finding an affordable home is a challenge for many Ontarians and some find themselves asking if things will get better. A recent report by RBC may show what’s to come in the housing market.
This Place: This 3,000 square foot home offers gorgeous decor, a beautiful gourmet kitchen and a spa-like master bathroom with its very own fireplace
If you plan on looking for an apartment in Mississauga this summer, you no doubt know that the market—plagued by low inventory and sky-high prices—is a challenging one to navigate.
A controversial condo proposal has changed following a series of contentious meetings in Mississauga.But it hasn't changed too much.
In May of this year, real estate sales in Canada started to creep closer to the historical norm.
This Place: Located in the very sought after Lorne Park, this serene cul de sac. features a finished basement, a rec room, a gym, massive bedrooms, and large picture windows.