This Place: This elegant 5,000 square foot Lorne Park home boasts a classic interior and a state of the art, gourmet kitchen
Condos, the last bastion of "affordable housing" in a hot real estate market, are becoming significantly more expensive.In fact, prices have climbed close to 20 per cent.  
It's no secret that it's expensive to live in Mississauga.
Houses in Mississauga are pretty incredible, as the city boasts incredible mansions, chic family homes and trendy urban condos.
With housing becoming more costly and Mississauga growing up instead of out, new developments have to be able to satisfy a range of tastes—and offer homebuyers a little bit of choice. 
When house prices climbed to astronomical heights in the winter of 2017 (the time when some open houses attracted over 300 people a day and buyers paid $100,000 or more over-asking for modest and d
Although most Mississauga and GTA residents are aware that housing is expensive, fluctuating data can be confusing—especially for prospective buyers who aren't sure if now is a good time to enter
This Place: This stunning 5,000 square foot home offers both space and style, boasting a trendy interior with pops of colour that work beautifully
Not everyone loves condos, but it doesn't look like Mississauga will stop welcoming them anytime soon and for good reason—they're truly the last bastion of "affordable housing" and while they're t
This Place: This elegant family home sits in the beautiful Rattray Marsh area and offers a chic, modern interior with some fun, colourful touches