This Place: This super chic and modern home boasts a gorgeous, all-white interior that's stylish, fresh and straight-up gorgeous
While everyone knows that the days of $350K detached houses in Mississauga are long over (barring very special circumstances, at least), most know that you can spend significantly less than half a
It's no secret that living in Mississauga and surrounding cities is incredibly expensive.
This Place: This spectacular Rattray Marsh mansion boasts a jaw-droppingly beautiful yard, a home theatre and a wine cellar that feels like the LCBO
It’s no secret that housing can be expensive in Mississauga, and not everyone can afford to live here comfortably.
While home prices have inched back up month-over-month in Mississauga, Toronto and other GTA cities, sales have been slow.
Even if you're not in the market for a luxury home, it's always fun to look at them.
The numbers are in.For March, that is.
This Place: This classic home might look a old-timey on the inside, but it has a huge lot, freshly renovated kitchen and a ton of space to work with.
While no one can predict the future, it feels safe to say that the GTA housing market is going to be a hot and pricey one for the foreseeable future—even if it never gets quite as scalding as it g