If you're hoping to own a more affordable home in Mississauga, you might want to check out a new housing complex that boasts some townhomes in the high $600,000 range. 
It isn't easy to purchase a home in Mississauga—or any GTA city for that matter—but the fast-growing city is one that's coveted by families and young professionals alike, and one neighbourhood in
This Place: This absolutely spectacular mansion offers a magnificent wine cellar, a sauna, a home gym and other luxurious features
If you thought winter would be a good time to purchase a home in Mississauga, you were probably surprised to confront a market rocked by low-inventory, heated bidding wars and sky-high prices.&nbsp
It's difficult to purchase a home of any kind in Mississauga—the Toronto Region Real Estate Board says the average price of a detached home reached $1,187,718 in January 2020, while the prices of
Buying a home in Mississauga is already a struggle at a time when the average home price (all home types combined) has hit $782,415, according to recently released Toronto Regional Real Estate Boar
Whether it was moving into a new place or just redecorating your room, you've probably gone furniture hunting at some point.
This Place: This classic, simple home offers ample space, some elegant upgrades and an ideal location for a young family
Mississauga city council has asked for significantly more information to be provided in relation to a now scaled-down proposal to build a large, multi-storey Catholic nun convent and apartment comp
While many people are struggling to purchase more "affordable" properties in Mississauga and surrounding cities (the Toronto Region Real Estate Board says that in Mississauga, the average price of