Though Mississauga’s rental market has been expensive, it finally seems like the city is doing better.
Extremely inclement and wintery weather has been forecast for this weekend, so residents in Mississauga and su
Mississauga has been searching for ways to guarantee more affordable rental housing for residents, and it looks like an opportunity has presented itself. 
With rental prices increasing every year, I'm often asked how to find affordable housing in Mississauga.
The urbanization of Mississauga is continuing with the emergence of another stylish, modern high-rise condominium.
When I started chatting with Don Pugh, the vice-president of the Daniels Corporation, I was initially surprised to learn that the company's new Eglinton and Erin Mills Parkway Skyrise Rental Reside
Are you interested in dropping over 10,000 bones a month on a house in Cooksville? Do you think that's crazy talk? Think again!
To rent or buy a condo in Mississauga, that is the question.
For some of you fine Sheridan and UTM students, this might be your first year in your very own apartment. Congratulations! Even if the apartment is shared with roomies or paid for by student loans or your parents, you've struck out on your own for the first time.
So you want to live in an apartment or condo in the City Centre of Mississauga?