Last month saw the number of new real estate listings in Hamilton dip, alongside average sale prices which saw a slight decrease in May.
If you’re looking to buy a home in Brampton, you might be slightly relieved to hear that the average home price dipped below the million-dollar mark in May 2021.
Growing up in Hamilton, you probably wondered how anyone could afford to live in big American cities like Los Angeles and New York.
Oakville home prices continue to soar.According to Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) data for the month of April, the average price of home in Oakville climbed to $1,342,300.
A half-million dollar commitment to public art in Mississauga has just been announced by a pair of local development groups.
A national organization fighting for the rights of low- and moderate-income families will be conducting one of 30 protests at the Mississauga Centre office of MP Omar Alghabra.
If you’re looking for a house in Mississauga, you might end up spending over $1 million. That said, some homes are still selling for well under $500,000. 
If you live in the Hamilton area, you’re well aware of how egregious the housing market has become.
A new development located at Trafalgar Rd. and Dundas St. E will be doing its part to reduce carbon emissions in Oakville.
Looking to buy a home soon? If so, you’ll be spending a bit more than you might like.