For many Mississauga residents, news about the incredible increase in home prices has not been good.

It's no secret that the Absolute Marilyn Monroe towers fundamentally—and positively, we think—altered the Mississauga skyline.

For the past few years, real estate prices have varied wildly across the country, with homeowners in Vancouver, Toronto and the overall GTA (which, of course, includes Mississauga) paying sig

House prices in Canada—and the GTA in particular—have been a hot topic for a few years now.

It's no secret that the housing market in Mississauga and the GTA is hot and it doesn't look sky high home prices are set to come down in the New Year—nor does it look like the condo market

It’s no secret that house prices in Mississauga (and Toronto and its satellite cities) have risen exponentially and it doesn’t look the trend is slowing down.

While it might seem like new condo projects are being announced constantly, Mississauga actually isn't being inundated with a slue of new projects.

With property values steadily escalating in Mississauga, it makes sense that investors (from all over) are interested in buying up

If you were hoping that the Mississauga housing market would start to cool off, your wish has not yet come true.

Any tenant who has ever rented a unit from an unpleasant landlord knows the feelings of frustration and helplessness that naturally occur in those situations.