The market for new construction homes in the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga and Brampton, picked up in September, primarily driven by sales of multi-family homes, condo apartments in h
We all know you've got to be ballin' to own property (or properties) in the Greater Toronto Area.And there appears to be no shortage of ballers looking to buy.
In one of my previous articles, I lamented a run-down former restaurant along Dundas Street east of Hurontario that coul
While foreign buyers have been a hot topic in the housing market recently, The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has stated that foreign buyership remains low.
The housing market is a hot topic in Mississauga right now, and when a big player in the market shows signs of going under, anyone looking to purchase a home should be on the alert.
Mississauga renters and those looking to buy a home—not just in this city but across Ontario—knew that the interventionalist provincial government led by Kathleen Wynne,
Cooksville is currently undergoing a revitalization project known as Vision Cooksville that was launched by the city of Mississauga—together with residents’ input—in order to develop and plan for “a new Cooksville” that would be a more transit-oriented community suitable for pedestrian traffic.
If there are two things a lot of young people are thinking about, it’s networking and homebuying (especially since homebuying has been a hot and fraught topic for months now). 
This week’s Planning and Development Committee (PDC) meeting featured another development application coming before City Council, and once again the applicant (aka the developer) is appealing before the OMB, with a smattering of residents concerns and comments as well. Council’s position on this application, as stated by PDC chair Councillor George Carlson, is that they are opposed to the current development as it stands.
The dramatic increase in house prices has commanded incredible attention over the past few years and rightfully so—detached homes are officially costing buyers over $1 million in the 905 and even