This Place: This family home has been fully renovated and boasts a sleek, modern interior that will wow any guest who comes through the door
This Place: This stately 8,000 square foot home boasts a modern interior and a gorgeous yard that's perfect for entertaining 
Houses in Mississauga are pretty incredible, as the city boasts incredible mansions, chic family homes and trendy urban condos.
This Place: This stunning mansion sits on a huge lot and backs onto Rattray Marsh, so it offers the perfect mix of natural and luxurious living
This Place: This stunning, custom-built home is modern yet comfortable, making it perfect for any family with $2.7 million to spare
This Place: This custom-built Mineola home boasts a large lot, chic kitchen and spacious ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom
This Place: This modern Cooksville home is an absolute masterpiece and boasts a stunning yard, sunken patio and gorgeous, contemporary interior
This Place: This sizeable Cooksville home offers up to 5,000 square feet of space and a stunning yard with a cabana
This Place: This stunning Streetsville home offers 5,000 square feet of space and absolutely beautiful finishes that make it more than worth the $2 million price tag
This Place: This family home has a beautiful backyard, some striking decorative choices (such as a zebra print runner on the stairs) and a basement that is sure to wow any guest