This Place: This spacious Mineola home boasts a chic and modern interior that makes the home feel bright, airy, welcoming and ideal for entertaining
This Place: This spacious Tudor-style home offers a visitors a nostalgic walk down memory lane.
This Place: This custom-designed home boasts a few different styles and evokes a few different feelings. One thing is certain though, it's a stunner.
This Place: Sometimes, a semi-detached house blows you away with its contemporary design (it's a standout home, to be sure) and chic interior that's sure to impress any guest
Houses in Mississauga are pretty incredible, as the city boasts incredible mansions, chic family homes and trendy urban condos.
This Place: This gorgeous Mississauga Road home boasts a pristine interior and a chef's kitchen that is sure to wow any guest who stops by
This Place: This place has a gorgeous exterior and an absolutely stunning yard that backs onto the Credit River
This Place: This newly-built Applewood home offers a sleek, contemporary interior that's both trendy and warm, making it a stylish family home
This Place: This brand new Lakeview home offers a generous amount of living space, a fresh new look and an attractive interior
This Place: This stately Sheridan home has a freshly renovated interior that boasts some striking finishes. It also has an elevator, hot tub and sauna.