This Place: Still waters run deep with this deceptively gorgeous house that's a little rustic (yet charming) on the outside and modern and elegant on the inside. 
This Place: This stunning modern home has a magazine-worthy kitchen and spa-style bathrooms that will wow anyone who walks inside
This Place: This warm family home offers over 3,000 square feet of space and a spacious yard
This Place: This stately 7,530 square foot bungalow almost feels like a historic gallery or museum, but the yard is incredible and the kitchen is more than memorable
This Place: The house is nice on the outside, but the cute and clean exterior has nothing on the chic and upgraded interior you'll see on the inside
This Place: This beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. family home offers an updated interior and a stunning yard that's ideal for entertaining
This Place: This multi-level home boasts a fantastic yard and an immense amount of interior space that will excite anyone who wants to make a grand house a home
This Place: Mansions don't come much more spectacular than this.
This Place: This one-of-a-kind custom-built home proves that modern houses are strikingly beautiful—especially when paired with gorgeous yards that are ideal for entertaining
This Place: This 5,000 square foot home boasts a natural and cottage-like aesthetic and a stunningly on-trend interior that screams luxury