The site of a proposed hotel development in Mississauga is home to some 19th
This Place: This family home has been fully renovated and boasts a sleek, modern interior that will wow any guest who comes through the door
We already know that house prices (and rental prices) are expected to appreciate significantly in Mississauga in 2020, and now Ratehub has released its projections for the mortgage and housing
Housing has been costly in Mississauga for some time, but the slightly chilled market that residents (particularly prospective homebuyers) enjoyed in 2018 started heating up in 2019, and it appears
If you're hoping to find an affordable rental apartment in Mississauga in 2020, you might struggle to find a budget-friendly place in the inventory-strapped city. 
The trend for housing starts in December 2019 was just 212,160—down from November’s 219,921 units.This represents a decrease of 3.5 per cent.
It's long been said that millennials have the power to disrupt and reshape industries - they're saying goodbye to 
If you're hoping to purchase a home—especially as a first-time homebuyer—in 2020, you will face a challenging market defined by low inventory and high prices (which appear to be
Are you thinking of selling your home, or maybe you've already tried selling before?
A new year is here, but whether or not 2020 will be a good year for prospective homebuyers (especially those hoping to enter the market for the first time) remains to be seen—especially since a pe