This Place: This classic home offers more than 6,100 square feet of space, a spectacular Gone with the Wind-style foyer and luxurious master bath with a jacuzzi.

This Place: This massive Mississauga Road home boasts over 4,000 square feet of space and three garages

While new condos have been popping up in Mississauga for some time now, it seems that no neighbourhood is hotter than City Centre and for good reason—it's quickly becoming a bustling hub that's at

While it's no secret that GTA houses have never been more in demand, it's always a little surprising to hear stories about homes selling way (and we do mean way) over asking.

It’s no secret that house prices in Mississauga (and Toronto and its satellite cities) have risen exponentially and it doesn’t look the trend is slowing down.

This Place: This chic Port Credit semi boasts modern and elegant decor, a stunning finished basement and chic light fixtures

This Place: This exquisite 7,400+ sq. ft. mansion has a stunning yard and absolutely beautiful and chic interior

For many Mississauga residents, news about the incredible increase in home prices has not been good.

It's no secret that the Absolute Marilyn Monroe towers fundamentally—and positively, we think—altered the Mississauga skyline.

There’s been quite a bit of talk about what condo boards can and cannot do in the wake of a recent court decision regarding Airbnb.