This Place: This spacious family home boasts a ton of upgrades on the open-concept floor and features a stunning kitchen and living room
If you're looking to purchase a home and have a sizeable down payment—think well over the five per cent minimum required for an uninsured mortgage—you should note that you, too, will be subject t
It's no secret that housing in Mississauga (and the overall 905 area) has become increasingly more expensive over time.
This Place: This 3,500 sq. ft. home is airy, spacious and homey—and it has one of the nicest master bedrooms you'll ever see
Love them or hate them (and other than maintenance fees, what’s not to love about them?) condos are here to stay in Mississauga.
This Place: This 3,000 square foot house is spacious, homey and unique for its incredible cathedral ceiling and incredibly welcoming backyard
There's never a dull day in real estate.Now that fall is here, the market is, once again, showing signs of change.
Purchasing a home isn't (for the most part) strictly a financial transaction, it's a very emotional one—and for good reason.
We all know you've got to be ballin' to own property (or properties) in the Greater Toronto Area.And there appears to be no shortage of ballers looking to buy.
Anyone who's been house hunting (or just anxiously keeping track of real estate prices from afar) knows that houses aren't cheap.