This Place: This stunning family home, located in the Rattray Marsh area, is stylish and freshly renovated
Hamilton housing prices continue to skyrocket.
Burlington housing prices continue to skyrocket.
Although talk about the declining popularity of condos amid the pandemic and associated lockdowns has dominated real estate discussions for the better part of a year, people should note that many M
With the pandemic now approaching a full year, there are two trends that have taken shape which have had a significant impact on the country, particularly larger cities.
Who says you have to sacrifice space in a condo? 
If you're looking for an apartment in Mississauga, you won't be getting a huge break on rental rates—but you will be paying a little less than you would have this time last year. 
This Place: This bright and spacious Rattray Marsh-area bungalow makes for the perfect family home and even comes with a hot tub
January marks another all-time record for home sales in Canada according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).
If you want to purchase a condo in one of Mississauga's more luxurious neighbourhoods, now might be a good time to hop into the market.