Mississauga city council has asked for significantly more information to be provided in relation to a now scaled-down proposal to build a large, multi-storey Catholic nun convent and apartment comp
While many people are struggling to purchase more "affordable" properties in Mississauga and surrounding cities (the Toronto Region Real Estate Board says that in Mississauga, the average price of
Three years ago, worried first-time homebuyers wondered—for good reason—if they would ever be able to own a home (even a very small one) in the city they grew up in. 
If you're having trouble finding an affordable rental in Mississauga, you're not alone—and it doesn't look like relief is coming anytime soon. 
When it comes to embracing development and pursuing urbanization, Mississauga has been one of the more ambitious GTA municipalities. 
OTTAWA -- The federal government is changing the stress test rate for insured mortgages starting April 6.
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Last week, the Toronto Region Real Estate Board (TRREB) released its monthly housing data and revealed that the average house price (all home types combined) in Mississauga hit $782,415 in January