No, prices aren't cooling off.

At least as far as TD Economics is concerned.

According to the recent report, there's no relief in sight for prospective GTA buyers who were hoping to see the red-hot housing market cool off in 2017.

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This week’s Planning and Development Committee (PDC) meeting featured another development application coming before City Council, and once again the applicant (aka the developer) is appealing before the OMB, with a smattering of residents concerns and comments as well. Council’s position on this application, as stated by PDC chair Councillor George Carlson, is that they are opposed to the current development as it stands.

The dramatic increase in house prices has commanded incredible attention over the past few years and rightfully so—detached homes are officially costing buyers over $1 million in the 905 and even

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With rental rates climbing right alongside housing prices, many Mississauga residents are grappling with a shrinking rental market that puts affordable housing even more out of their reach.

The stunning increase in housing—and by extension, rental—prices have been top of mind for both established households and young people looking to enter the real estate market.

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For several years now, the story has been the same: foreign buyers, especially those from China and parts of the Middle East, are pricing Canadians out of their own housing market.

Well, you probably knew this was coming.