If you were hoping to find an apartment and still have a little money left over for holiday spending, you might be disappointed (but not surprised) to hear that rental rates are inching back upward
This Place: This stunning Streetsville home offers 5,000 square feet of space and absolutely beautiful finishes that make it more than worth the $2 million price tag
While the market isn't quite as wild as it was in 2017, it's pretty hot—and buyers are feeling the burn. 
This Place: This family home has a beautiful backyard, some striking decorative choices (such as a zebra print runner on the stairs) and a basement that is sure to wow any guest
The market is booming in Mississauga (and Toronto and the GTA overall), but the attractiveness of the region is offset by the persistent lack of housing inventory and the continued supply and deman
At a time when Mississauga needs to reconcile the need for more housing with residents' desire to keep their neighbourhoods on the quieter side, the city has voted 10 to 1 in favour of moving forwa
This Place: This Lakeview home might look at a little compact, but it's got style to spare and an enviable interior with some unique, modern touches
If you plan on asking Santa for more affordable housing in Mississauga this holiday season, you might end up disappointed (although we can hope that all levels of government will continue to work t
Don't think you can afford to live in Mississauga?Don't be so sure. 
This Place: This spacious home has a Gone With the Wind-style foyer and a fantastic yard that's ideal for entertaining