This Place: This spacious Mineola home boasts a chic and modern interior that makes the home feel bright, airy, welcoming and ideal for entertaining
There is increasing concern over the lack of affordable housing options in Ontario, and the province has responded by announcing changes to allow more building of homes by developers.
While there's certainly no indication that the red hot housing market in the GTA is set to experience a major crash, real estate associations say that December 2018 was a particularly weak month fo
It’s no secret that it’s not easy to purchase a home in Mississauga.
This Place: This spacious Tudor-style home offers a visitors a nostalgic walk down memory lane.
It's no secret that the dream of homeownership is slipping through people's fingers as home prices in Mississauga and surrounding cities remain at deeply unaffordable levels into 2019.
New residential developments—especially condo developments—tend to evoke tired responses from residents who fear more high-rises will generate excess traffic and clutter the city's skyline.
While sky-high house prices have dominated headlines for years (and especially during the spike in 2017), the worrying state of the rental market has not gone unnoticed.
Interest rates in Canada have been historically low for several years, but those days are fast approaching their end—and that might affect household mortgages and finances.
This Place: This custom-designed home boasts a few different styles and evokes a few different feelings. One thing is certain though, it's a stunner.