This Place: This magnificent custom-built mansion might have some dramatic interior touches, but nothing can beat the spectacular landscaping and jaw-dropping grounds
While houses are expensive in Mississauga and surrounding cities, it's hard to argue that the city doesn't do its best to provide housing options for residents of all income levels.
While housing in Toronto and the GTA has been far from cheap for years, the lack of affordable homes in some of Canada's biggest cities has reached crisis levels and all levels of government are wo
Housing affordability is a major problem many Canadians are faced with.
While most of the talk about development and future growth in Mississauga centres around the 'downtown' and areas near Hurontario Street (a designated future transit corridor), that is not to say t
In February of 2019, the Canadian housing market saw the largest monthly decline in home sales activity since the stress test was implemented last January. 
If you've been looking for a house or apartment to rent in Mississauga, you know the pickings are slimmer than usual.
Do you like reality TV?Do you want a major home renovation?
Residents who are desperately looking for rental housing with some higher end touches might be happy to know that a brand new rental apartment has been approved by the City of Mississauga.
For as long as I can remember living in Mississauga, there is this patch of land that has remained vacant with no indication that anything was going to be built on it.