Quiet Mississauga street used as a shortcut has turned into ‘dangerous’ speed zone: residents


Published March 22, 2023 at 10:06 am

Residents want speed bumps installed on Floradale Dr. (above) to slow down drivers taking a shortcut.

Residents are pushing the City to install speed bumps on their quiet Mississauga street they say has been turned into a dangerous speed zone as an increasing number of drivers use it as a shortcut.

Some 15 residents living on the small part of Floradale Dr. that runs as an “L” shape west of Confederation Pkwy. and north of Paisley Blvd., near Mississauga Hospital, have signed and submitted a petition to the City of Mississauga asking for speed bumps to be installed as a traffic calming measure.

The petition is on today’s (March 22) City council agenda and councillors and staff may discuss the matter publicly.

Residents say the “dangerous” traffic situation has been created by impatient drivers travelling south on Confederation Pkwy. looking to turn right onto westbound Paisley Blvd.

On many occasions, southbound traffic backs up prior to the traffic signal-controlled intersection, so many drivers take a quick right onto Floradale Dr. and speed past pedestrians and children to access Paisley Blvd. (see map below).

“Cars driving south on Confederation Pkwy., with the intention to turn right on Paisley Blvd., often take a speedy shortcut through Floradale Dr.,” residents say on their petition, which asks for speed bumps to be installed on their street between the two more major routes. “Too many drivers proceed at excessive speeds, creating dangerous conditions for the residents, pedestrians (including children who attend Floradale Public School) and other drivers.”

Shaded area shows portion of Floradale Dr. used as a shortcut by many drivers. (Image: City of Mississauga)

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