Residents who regularly use the Cooksville GO station no doubt know that the facility is about to undergo a monumental transformation.
Once a bedroom community known for sprawling subdivisions filled with tidy detached houses, the City of Mississauga has grown exponentially to become more of a semi-urban space full of impressive s
When residents hear about potential property tax hikes, some react with anger (who is overspending and therefore asking for more of my money?) and concern (will I be able to continue living here?).
Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the incredible growth that Peel—and Mississauga—has enjoyed and is expecting to continue to enjoy over the next few years.
The Metrolinx Hurontario Light Rail Transit project (more colloquially known as the LRT) is moving forward. In fact, it’ slated to break ground sometime next year.
The proposed minimum wage hike has been greeted by a mix of criticism and support, with one side arguing that it’s time to provide all workers with livable wages and the other suggesting the hike w
The Mississauga church pastor who was held captive by the North Korean regime for over two years has finall
It’s no secret that this summer has been brutal—endless days of rain accompanied by grey skies and flood warnings.
The dearth of parkland in one of Mississauga’s busiest neighbourhoods might be rectified in the future should an interesting plan—a very, very interesting plan—come to pass.
For well over a year now, Mississauga has been working to address the mounting affordable housing crisis plaguing the city.