Quick Dish: Port 229 Sharing Platter

Published July 31, 2015 at 9:10 pm


Port 229 Artisan Bistro is a cozy Port Credit restaurant offering a seasonal from-scratch menu made up of local ingredients. A patio was recently added in front of the restaurant to cater to the sun worshippers — and just in time for the summer. 

I had planned to dine at the bistro for my weekly cheat meal — and if you’ve ever been on a meal plan, lifestyle diet change, competed in fitness competitions or are an athlete, you understand the idea of a cheat meal. Some people aren’t blessed with a metabolism that allows for a cheat day every day (myself included), so I save it for one meal a week. 

My preference is for savoury dishes over sweet, so you’d never catch me eating a whole cake or pie for my cheat meal (although I have friends who would). I’d rather eat cured meats and cheese, a burger or French fries – it’s all about moderation, right? My weekly indulgences typically include cheese and red meat (since I’m mostly eating chicken and fish these days) and Chef Dialo’s Port 229 Sharing Platter was the ideal cheat meal that satisfied every craving. It was also one that I could probably finish on my own if I tried, but I shared the dish. 

The Verdict:
The platter is huge and includescharcuterie by Mario Pingue (handcrafted meat products from the Niagara region), Chef Dialo’s house-made pate with fruit compote, Elmwood sausage (from a local Port Credit meat market), grilled seasonal vegetables, shaved Parmesan, toast points, arugula, olive oil and aged balsamic. As a local business supporter, I liked that the local ingredients were featured on the menu. The variety of ingredients and accompaniments, such as the fruit compote and aged balsamic, were complementary to the overall dish and I enjoyed the addition of the arugula, which helped to cleanse the palate. 

Wait Time:
10 minutes 

Port 229 Sharing Platter 


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