Quick Dish: Gosht Dabalroti from Sindhi


Where: Sindhi, a new Indian street food resto located at Confederation and Eglinton. Sindhi, owned and operated by Amaya founder Hemant Bhagwani, is one of the few Indian street food joints in the city and it does its best to marry casual and affordable classics with a cool, clean and memorable aesthetic. The spacious resto is uniquely modern, boasting an orange-hued open concept space with a hilarious set of rules written on the wall. What are some of these rules? You can't commit dacoity (banditry), make eyes at chaat-wala or sleep in the toilet. So don't do any of those things, mmmkay?

Because I can't resist any Indian food, I decided to take Sindhi for a test drive.

I tried a range of dishes, but the standout plate was the gosht dabalroti -- a lamb curry mixed with toasted bread and topped with herbs. The dish was unlike any Indian dish I had tried before and was moist, tender, savory and interesting. I shared it with another person, but if ordered alone, it's not too big for one diner. It's also only $7 -- an absolute steal for a truly special and satisfying entree.

Verdict: The food was on point. Most of the other dishes we tried were also exceptional, but the gosht dabalroti was a standout surprise for its interesting blend of bread and meat and overall impressive flavor profile. The service was also exceedingly attentive, with the staff offering explanations and assistance whenever necessary. Since Sindhi is so new, it is navigating typical new resto hiccups. On my first visit, there was some confusion as to what table ordered what and when. Because you order at the counter and then wait to be served at your table, miscommunication between cashiers and servers can occur. While this happened to us, the staff was sincerely apologetic and immediately rectified any problems. On my second visit, our order was taken at the table and the confusion was significantly lessened. The staff is also quick to explain dishes and ask for suggestions on how to improve service, making diners feel welcome and important.

Wait Time: 20 minutes on the first visit, 10 on the second.

What: Gosht dabalroti

Price: $7

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