Quick Bite: Szechuan Express Square One


Here we are again at the Food Central food court at Square One and I'm here to try the last of the new food court additions: Szechuan Express.

We had chili chicken, lemon chicken with rice and har gow (shrimp dumplings) and Shu Mai (pork dumplings) for dim sum.

$8.99 - Main Dish
$4.99 - 4 pieces dim sum

The Verdict:

For some strange reason, there are seven Asian food places at Food Central. Usually a food court may have two or three, but seven is just crazy! So there is a little competition.

The Good: The idea of having dim sum in a mall food court is very interesting and kind of cool. The food is above average for food court Chinese and they have a great selection of cuisines from Hakka to Chinese to Thai to dim sum.

The Bad: Anyone who eats any Asian food on a regular basis knows that this dim sum is highway robbery.  A whopping $4.99 for four pieces of dim sum is just unheard of in the outside world.

Would I eat it again?
Main dish yes, dim sum no.

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