Quick Bite: Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar

Published August 6, 2014 at 1:23 pm


Qoola is located inside Square One Shopping Centre on the upper level beside Laura Secord.  New to Square One, it is the only self-serve frozen yogurt place inside of the mall.  Since frozen yogurt is a great walk-and-eat treat, the yogurt bar is designed in-out style with minimal seating.  Although a big chain in British Columbia, this is only one of two locations in Ontario as of right now.  

Why this place, right?  These days, it seems like you can throw a stick and hit a frozen yogurt place.  Truth be told, they all seem almost identical to me: a line of self-serve yogurt taps in a variety of flavors and a buffet-style table full of every topping your little heart desires.  Then, after you’ve probably overdone it, you can wince as the cashier weighs your yogurt and tells you your “quick snack” costs you $10.  But Qoola is different, and it comes down simply to integrity.  Their yogurt is GMO free, which means the ingredients have not been genetically modified.  Their yogurt is also organic which, in addition to meaning that no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used, is great because organic farming promotes ecological balance.  Their yogurt is also made with pure cane sugar and 100% Canadian milk, they have no sugar added options, options that are made from only grain and grass fed cows, and even yogurt that comes from cows milked only on a voluntary basis.  Nutritional information is displayed clearly beside each flavor of yogurt so that you can survey which option is best for your dietary needs or concerns and any speciality information about the yogurt (like if it’s from grain fed cows, for example) is also clearly displayed.  They make this information easy to find/read so you can independently make an informed choice about your snack. 

$0.65 per ounce 

The service is welcoming and helpful, they’ll let you sample any kind of yogurt you wish, and since it’s self-serve, you can take your time and craft the perfect swirl on your yogurt and go as easy or as hard as you want on toppings. 

The Verdict:
Try it.  Seriously.  I have tried a few of these self-serve yogurt bars and Qoola is my favourite—hands down.  If you like frozen yogurt, then I have a hard time believing you will be disappointed by Qoola! 

*Visit Qoola in Square One on August 29-30th for their Grand Opening!  There are prizes to be won, which is a pretty great deal just for showing up to eat some yogurt.

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