Quick Bite: Mediterranean Village


Behind the new Sheridan college campus are the new Limelight Condominiums.  These condos house a few new businesses including Mediterranean Village that, despite being new, is already at the top of my list for a quick meal.  The restaurant is quaint, but inviting and comfortable.  The staff are friendly and have an obvious desire to deliver supreme customer service as well as a high quality and satisfying meal.  They offer a variety of Mediterranean cuisine, including wraps, plates (such as shawarma or kebob plates), skewers as well as a variety of appetizers. 

The Verdict?
I’d give it an A+ if I was giving it a grade.  I’ve been searching for a chicken shawarma in Mississauga that quenched my high standards.  Their vegetable selection is extensive (which is a must for me!), and they don’t skimp on the chicken.  And to top it off, their fries are divine.  I’m not sure what they’re doing to them, but they are some of the best restaurant fries that I’ve had in a long time.  If you’re eating in, please pay attention to the fact that the red bottle on the table is HOT SAUCE and not ketchup.  A mouthful of red hot fries later, it’s safe to say I won’t make that mistake again. 

Chicken shawarma wrap with fries and a drink

$5.99 + 2.50 combo
$8.49 + tax

Length of Time to Receive Meal:
5-10 minutes during a slow time.

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