Quick Bite, Lunch: Amaya


This is the first Amaya in Mississauga located at the new Food Central food court in Square One. Amaya originated in 2007 which started as a formal restaurant, then branched into quick service and casual locations. Amaya Food Courts brings you restaurant quality Indian food within mall food court settings.

As I walked by the new Square One food court, Amaya's colourful decor was the first thing to catch my attention. And as I approached the Indian food outlet, the aroma continued to lure me in and my love for Indian food took me to the lunch crowd line up for Amaya.


Tikka Chicken Wrap

Length of Time to Receive Meal:
5 minutes during the lunch rush
The Verdict:
The Tikka Chicken Wrap was freshly made to order and Amaya has accomplished their mission of bringing quality Indian food in a quick service setting. The set up is comprised of a bread station and a hot food and garnishing station. The fresh wrap dough was manipulated on the bread line and cooked on the stove, then transferred over to the hot station where my wrap was filled and finished off with a lime sauce.

The first bite in and the heat level of the spices activated my sweat glands but not to the point of making me feel uncomfortable. This was honestly one of the best tasting meals I've ever had at any mall food court.

The only issue I had with it was that I wanted more and wished it was stuffed more like a Burrito Boyz Burrito but I guess that's what you get for $5. However, for $4 more you can fill up and get 2 wraps for $9.

I will most definitely coming back, and next time I will get 2.

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