Quick Bite Butchers: Kebab Factory

Published May 27, 2015 at 4:26 am


Check it out — I’m back in the cut giving you the best in the local food scene and this article features one of the mainstays in my crib and that is the Kebab Factory!

Located just around the corner from the Hershey Sportszone where I play soccer on a weekly basis, this spot is owned and operated by locals who put care and quality into the food they produce. 

You may have seen their frozen products in your local grocer’s freezer and let me assure you that the products are the highest quality and the price is right, too! I typically go down to the factory outlet location once a week to grab a package of 20 spicy chicken kebabs for $10.  

These are my go-to kebabs and they really hit the spot after a soccer game with the crew. In fact, throw in a couple Old Credit brews and you are on another dimension when it comes to post game chilling in the backyard.

The location also has a nice selection of fresh meats that are aged to perfection. Ask what is freshest and for the butcher’s recommendations when you arrive to ensure you’re getting the greatest cuts of whatever you’re looking for. 

I also noticed that they recently released a line of lamb kebabs that I am certain to destroy this week when I pick up a package! 

You know, it’s important to support local businesses not just because it’s usually more ethical than supporting a massive conglomerate, but because they are usually better — straight up — and the Kebab Factory is no different.  They offer better quality food and you are supporting good people, so the choice is easy!

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