Quick Bite: Asian Wok ‘n’ Roll


Asian Wok 'n' Roll -- a resto that's changed hands and names more than once -- sits in an oddly laid-out plaza right at Derry and Airport. What was once a straight-up Japanese restaurant with an all-you-can eat dinner menu is now a Hakka Chinese joint that still offers some well-done Japanese dishes. If you're looking for a filling lunch that's easy on the wallet, it's a good place to go. You can choose anything from Hakka lunch specials, noodle and rice dishes, beef, seafood and chop suey to sushi and bento boxes.

The Verdict:
I almost always get the sushi and sashimi lunch for $13.99, but I substitute the California roll for the delectably salty and crunchy salmon skin roll for a little extra scratch. The dish is generous, boasting four pieces of sushi, four pieces of sashimi and a six-piece maki roll. It also comes with a garden salad and your choice of either miso soup or a pop (go with the miso soup, please). While the service is sometimes unpredictable for sit-down dining, the food is almost always excellent.

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch

$13.99 + tax and tip (and more if you want a substitution)

Wait time:
For take-out, give the resto 15-20 minutes. For in-house, expect to wait a little longer on busy days.

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