Quick Bite: Amaya’s Butter Chicken Poutine


Published May 29, 2014 at 1:28 pm


The brand spankin’ new section of the beloved Square One food court houses such higher-end quick-service gems are Chipotle, Shanghai 360 and Amaya. Amaya is actually a popular group of Indian restaurants with several full-service atmospheric and elegant locations in Toronto, and it has brought its flavourful wares to Mississauga’s luckiest shoppers. The menu has all the best South Asian basics, including samosas, traditional butter chicken and vegetable thali. It also has the perfect butter chicken poutine. 

The Verdict:
Amaya isn’t the first resto to successfully fuse Canadian and Indian cuisine — New York Fries also offers fries coated in butter chicken and cheese curds. That said, Square One diners who order the dish are treated to a massive heaping of fries, several pieces of tender chicken, a handful of curds and a healthy amount of velvety, medium-spiced buttery tomato sauce. It’s a high-calorie comfort meal that pairs the best aspects of two rich, diverse and tasty countries. 

Butter Chicken Poutine 


Wait time:
While fast food is almost always fast, prepare to wait an extra five minutes or so at Amaya. The food is pretty fresh and the fries are usually prepped on the spot.

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